AMS 4049 7075-T6. ASTM B 666 Sheet, Strip , Plate. Solution AMS 4049 7075-T651. QQ-A-250/13 Sheet, Strip , Plate. Solutio

AMS 4049  7075-T6.  QQ-A-250/13 Sheet, Strip , Plate.  Solution
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AMS 4049 7075-T6. QQ-A-250/13 Sheet, Strip , Plate. Solution

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AMS 4049 7075-T6. QQ-A-250/13. In house processing services available: Milling, Turning, Cutting. Also available Heat Treat and lab testing services. AGM, Inc. Can supply custom sizes per print and rough out parts. Custom OD, ID services available in house. We specialize in processing specialty hard alloys. Such as Inconel s, A-286, Alloy steels. PH grade Stainless Steel. Tight tolerances held, fast timely service. Advanced global specializes in AMS 4049 7075-T6. QQ-A-250/13. Advanced Global Materials is an internationally recognized distributor of specialty metals, valves, flanges and fittings. Supplying major industrial sectors worldwide. Such as defense, aerospace, oil & gas, solar, wind turbine, pipeline, shipbuilding, medical instrument, satellite, rocket building. Just to name a few. Some of our extensive product line includes but no limited to the following AMS 4049 7075-T6. QQ-A-250/13

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